A prayer for Ukraine

Father God, the earth is truly yours & the fulness thereof, the world belongs to you & all that live in it. So, we call out to you today for the people of Ukraine, waking up to the sounds of missiles, sirens & the sights of devastation & unrest. Lord have mercy. Would you protect children who cannot protect themselves, stand with women who are alone, strengthen men who are weak. Bind up the broken-hearted & save those who are crushed in spirit.

We pray for church leaders & missionaries in the nation & ask that you would not only protect them but also make them relevant in this time of crisis. Fill your people with faith to fight the good fight & to be assured of the prayers of brothers & sisters all over the world. We thank you for those churches that have become shelters for many, offering medical care, heating, food & fuel in their communities. Fill them with your Spirit as they offer the unswerving hope of Christ in the gospel.

Father we ask that you would both soften and convict the hearts of our world leaders. Give them wisdom & may they contend for peace & not war.